Made in the USA

In my Etsy shop I focus on organic products that I craft using supplies that are made in the USA.

Why is "made in the USA" important to me?
Using materials that are made here reduces the carbon footprint that goes into the creation of my products. Unfortunately not every kind of ribbon or yarn I use is made here in North Texas, so it has to be shipped here. It takes a lot less fossil fuels to ship from South Texas or Virgina to North Texas than it does to ship something from the UK or South America.

By using "made in the USA" craft supplies I support US businesses. Many of these businesses are other small Etsy businesses (like Little Monkey Shop in Tennessee and Haulin' Hoof Farm in Ohio). I believe it's important for small businesses to support each other. Instead of paying Walmart's CEO a bigger bonus, I want to help a family pay their rent or send their kid to a better school.

Businesses in the US have to follow child labor laws and environmental laws. How many times have I read in the news that children are working in sweatshops in dangerous conditions? How many times have products had to be recalled from China because of poisonous lead, exploding batteries, or plastic in food? None of this is allowed in the US. By supporting US businesses big and small, I know my money and my products support workers and the environment. (Yes, there's a lot more we, as a country, need to do.)

Made in the USA = lower carbon footprint, supporting mom & pop businesses, and supporting labor laws and environmental laws.



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