About Me

,br /> I'm not a super hero. I'm not a billionaire. I'm not a politician. What am I? I'm one person who can do my small part to save the planet. Global warming is a scientific fact we have to face. Ignoring it doesn't make it go away or reverse itself. Only our actions can do that. 

Doing My Small Part to Save the World

We saw the damage done to the ozone layer by chloroflourocarbons (CFCs). The damage has largely been reversed because CFC's were banned worldwide. We can do the same with climate change. We've seen the damage that's been done and know the damage that's coming. But we can do something. We all make choices everyday and by changing our choices we can decrease the amount the world is warming and reduce the carbon in the air. 

I can't by myself ban fossil fuels and switch our country over to all renewable fuels. What I can do is choose what I buy, choose what I grow, and choose to share what I learn.

My husband and I rent our home. We don't own a 20 acre farm you can come visit like so many others. We want to, and we're working on it. But that doesn't stop us from doing our small part now. 

How? Our home runs on 100% renewable electricity, saving rain water, composting and vermicomposting, recycling, and maintaining a sustainable square foot garden completely organically and with only non GMO plants. And now I'm sharing what I learn here and on Facebook and Twitter. Soon I'll be launching my Etsy shop to sell the organic gifts I make and organic, nonGMO seeds. 

Have you done your small part today?



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