Bill Nye on GMO's

I recently watched an episode of Bill Nye Saves the World. It was about GMO's and I know he's all for GMO's so I knew I wouldn't agree with the show. I'm always open to testing my own research and enjoy a differing view because that's how we learn and improve. We can't make scientifically sound decisions if we refuse to challenge our beliefs. 


However, with this episode I really disproved of his entire method for tackling the question of, 'are GMO's safe?' Throughout the whole episode he seemed to rely on only one study done by the USDA. He even made a point of throwing down a large binder that was a copy of the USDA's 400 page report - like 400 pages for an agricultural research report is impressive. Maybe to the laymen, but that's nothing for a scientific report at all. 

I was hoping he'd have a guest on with a dissenting opinion to have an informed discussion, as one has to do in scientific research. He didn't. This is a recurring problem I'm seeing with this show. He makes the same mistakes he points out that others make - not comparing rival research. 

The guests he did have on were an advocate of Monsanto and a farmer who uses Monsanto's products. Aka the corporation selling the product and the farmer enslaved to selling the product. Enslaved because if he tries to switch Monsanto would sue him for any GMO seeds that sprout after he switches, and he'd lose his farming contract. Farmers aren't independent anymore, haven't been for a long time. If they want to pay the bills, they have to grow what big ag corporations tell them to. Why? Because big ag corporations tell the government what to subsidize. It's called 'special interest lobbying'. (Follow the money.)

He didn't mention the fact that the USDA relied on Monsanto, the patent holder for GMO's, to do the research. He didn't acknowledge that they refuse to release their study for peer review. How can we trust their method and results if we can't review their findings and repeat their study? Isn't that how scientific research has to happen, Bill?

What about the other countries that have banned GMOs? He gave a brief nod to that fact and then ran right past it without really questioning it. All over Europe and Asia entire countries have performed their own studies of the affects of GMO's on people's health and the health of the land and decided to BAN GMOs. Doesn't that raise your eyebrows, Bill? Don't you want to dive into their research and peer reviewed studies to see what they found? 

I was very excited about this show because America needs a scientist to look at crucial topics such as this, aggregate the research for us, and help us make informed decisions. However by refusing to listen to anyone of dissenting opinion, accepting a non-peer reviewed study from a giant corporation that's leading our government around by the nose, Bill Nye has lost a lot of credibility. 

We can't pick and choose what research to dive into and tear apart. We can't approach scientific studies with our minds already made up. That's not how science works. We have to look at dissenting research.We have to be able to peer review studies. We have to approach every question with as little bias as possible so we can uncover the truth. And we have to accept the proven truths we uncover regardless of how they may contradict our previous opinions (or who pays our endorsements). 

Science, Bill, we need true science. Relying on one closed, non-released study done by the patent holder who stands to lose billions isn't reliable. What happened to your scientific method, Bill?



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