Why are Organic Foods More Expensive?

Why are Organic Foods More Expensive?

Now you're planning to gradually switch over, why is it more expensive anyways? Because it's a lot more work. My sustainable square foot garden is GMO free and all organic. This means I have to be out there everyday pulling weeds and checking for pests. When pests come around as they always do I have to identify them and what organic means will get rid of them. Honestly for most bugs a garlic spray or spritz of organic dish soap in water kills them. But there are a few that require a lot more work, like squash bugs. 

This is a pain for the small family garden and container garden I have. Imagine doing that for 20 acres. The man power required to weed, identify pests and organically control pests is immense. It's easy to understand why conventionally farming has developed the way it has. 

Conventional farming allows one farmer to till, plant, spray, and harvest 20 acres almost by himself. How? Monsanto engineers crops to produce their own pesticides and be resistant to Round Up. Oh, did I mention Round Up is also made by Monsanto? Make crops resistant to the poison you manufacture so farmers will buy your crops and your poisons. Win/win for capitalists. 

The benefits for producing foods organically outweigh the time saving benefits of conventionally growing. The soil health is improved and maintained, which means less water is needed, a healthier ecosystem develops, and foods actually grow better tasting and with more nutritious. More on this in later posts.

So why eat organic?



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