Weeds for Bees

Honey bees love wildflowers! But most people consider wildflowers weeds and dose them in weed killer. Why?

Weeds for Bees

Many weeds are food for essential pollinators, such as bees and butterflies. Dandelions, clover, henpick and many  other flowering weeds are harmless. They don't grow painful stickers and aren't poisonous to pets. Henpick is called 'hen-pick' because hens love to pick and eat it. Yes, you don't want weeds sucking water and nutrients away from your garden. 

But are they really a problem if they're just part of your lawn? Not at all.
So why poison your soil, poison bees and butterflies, and spread carcinogens in the air? There's really no need. Enjoy the beauty of the little flowers and the beauty of the pollinators attracted to them.

Get Rid of Weeds Naturally & Safely

If they grow in your garden, pull them by hand. If they're sprouting close to a newly planted seedling you can protect the seedling's roots from being damaged by simply snipping the weeds off at ground level. If weeds or grasses are growing in cracks in your patio, driveway, or sidewalk, wait for a week without rain and then pour salt and vinegar on them. Don't bother diluting the vinegar. The vinegar raises the acidity of the soil, killing the weeds. The salt helps kill them faster by dehydrating them.

Gardening Tip: you can easily pull weeds up by the root if you first soak the ground around them.



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