My Small Part Pledge

Global warming is a global problem that we can all do something about. 
Little steps can make a huge difference. 

Will you take the pledge to do your small part? 

I pledge to recycle each week. 
Tip - if you live in an apartment community that doesn't offer recycling, collect your recyclable items in a plastic trash bag. Then ask a friend who has a recycling bin if you can put your recyclables in their bin. Or simply recycle your old receipts and junk mail in your work's recycling bin. 

I pledge to buy grocery items that use fewer packaging. 
Tip - if you have kids, choosing to buy a gallon of juice and use sippy cups means fewer juice boxes in landfills, fewer trees cut down, and fewer plastics made to make the juice boxes.

I pledge to change one grocery item I buy every month to an organic option. 
Tip - switch to all organic is great! However it is more expensive so an easy switch is to change one of the Dirty Dozen items you normally buy to an organic option.

I pledge to change one grocery item I buy every month to a non-GMO option. 
Tip - the non-GMO option isn't always more expensive. Did you know Cheerios are non-GMO? Look for the Non-GMO Project Verified logo. 

I pledge to plant one flower, bush, or tree this year. 
Tip - seeds are the cheapest option, but do take more work. If you have a brown thumb or not much time to garden, garden centers will have hanging baskets of flowers you can buy. Water twice a week and know you've done your small part.

I pledge to use at least one reusable shopping bag. 
Tip - jobs fairs, expos, and conventions always give away free tote bags for advertising. These make great reusable shopping bags! 

I pledge to pick up one piece of litter that isn't mine a month. 
Tip - unfortunately this is usually the easiest one to do. If you have the time to join a litter clean up initiative and clean a local river or mile of highway, that's awesome! If not you can do your small part by tossing an empty fast food cup someone leaves in a parking lot into the store's trash can on your way inside. 

Be careful when picking up other people's trash. Once when out on her morning walk my mom accidentally spilled someone's old beer on herself, just in time to turn the corner and run into our preacher's wife. (My mom's Southern Baptist. This was very bad, and very funny.)

I pledge to make one major energy conservation switch this year. 
Ideas - change to an all renewable energy plan; switch all light bulbs in your home to CFL or LED bulbs; start composting; change a major appliance to an energy efficient appliance; change a piece of lawn maintenance equipment to one that runs on electricity; switch to eating all organic produce; switch to eating hormone-free dairy and meat.



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